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We translate all languages with extreme precision & accuracy…

Proofreading Services

When so much of your business depends on communication, you need to be sure that it is perfect…

Transcription services

Transcription requires immense concentration and skill to listen, understand, comprehend, and write the text down, all at the same time…

Localization Services

Localization includes works that are translated for a particular region or people to make the work understandable by the locals of that region…

Interpretation Services

Language Interpretation facilitates both oral or sign-language communication between users of different languages…

Desktop Publishing Services

Desktop publishing is the creation of documents using specific and highly technical page layout skills…

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Huge Network of Linguists

We have a wide network of more than 2300 elite native translators from different countries working for us on various projects. The translated text received from one set of linguists is further assigned to other native linguists who carry out proofreading and guarantee the accuracy before delivery.

An Affordable Rate Card

Our objective is to provide high quality translation at a reasonable and affordable price point. We have special packages and discounts for projects with huge or consistent volumes. It has been a view shared by many of our regular clients that our translation quality is excellent and unbelievable for the humble rate-card we offer.

A Leading European Translation Company

Recognized for delivering high quality Language translation services, over the years HSS Translation has earned the tag of a reliable translation company. In this business domain for more than a decade now, we have developed a great service network making us the experts of this sector. We are the only translation company in India handling more than 150 national and international languages with extreme precision and accuracy.

We set high quality standards for each project worked upon and our translation panel consists of trustworthy native linguists who maintain the real essence of source text while delivering professional level language translation services. We provide a comprehensive range of translation solutions; dealing in all kinds of documents, certificates, software, websites and much more. Following a systematic approach towards translation we get the projects proofread by experienced reviewers before the final delivery to our client. Our goodwill and market reputation is a result of our highly cautious approach on quality standards.

Why Prefer Us?
– as your trusted Translation team –

  • Vast Experience

    Having an experience of over a decade in the translation industry makes us trustworthy global partners.

  • Cost Effective

    Our Cost effective and affordable rate-card makes our translation services reach the masses.

  • Certified Quality

    Being an ISO 9001:2008 certified company our processes and quality measures are of global standards.

  • Wide Network

    We have a huge network of native translators who maintain the real essence of your translation work.

  • Dedicated Team

    We provide a dedicated team of project managers to handle each and every project carefully.

  • 24 x 7 Support

    Being a Multinational we are always available to provide round the clock support for our valuable customers.

What We Do?
– expertise in a comprehensive range –

  • Technical Translation

    Getting technical content translation is no more expensive
  • Legal Translation

    The language of the law may have different interpretations
  • Website Translation

    We help you put your website on a global platform
  • Software Translation

    Make your product stand out in the international market
  • Document Translation

    We delivers your documents in the required formats
  • Medical Translation

    We translate patient history, clinical reports, product details
  • Manufacturing Translation

    Tursted partners of Automotive and Engineering clients
  • Banking / Accounting

    We deliver meaningful translation of banking documents

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Million words translated every year


Member team across Europe


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