Interpretation Services

Language Interpretation facilitates both oral or sign-language communication between users of different languages; which cannot be otherwise interpreted by the other person. An interpreter is the one who converts a thought from a source language in the form of an expression with a comparable meaning in a target language either simultaneously in “real time” over mass-hearing systems or consecutively when the speaker pauses after one or two sentences.

Translation or Interpretation: It is important to clear a common misconception – although they do seem like similar terms, translation and interpretation take on different meanings while being used in the technical sense. Translation means transferring meaning from one source text to another taking a reasonable amount of time. Language interpretation on the other hand, means using semantic methods to convert source language to the target language in a systematic manner so that the audience can find its relevance linguistically as well as culturally.

Why choose us:

  • Farsi Localization offers language interpretation services with a dedicated group of professionals, performing the delicate task with precision.
  • Interpretation gives no time to translate; it has to be done instantaneously so that the target person can understand its meaning properly. We offer both speed and accuracy in language interpretation services.

It requires extremely skilled experts who can translate in such a less time without taking out the flavor of the statements for the target audience. We provide the best solutions for such fields that require great expertise.

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